2016 Spring Meeting - Thermo Fisher Scientific Tour


On Tuesday, April 19, 2016 a record number of ILDA members traveled to Thermo Fisher Scientific in Asheville, North Carolina. Upon our arrival we were treated to an amazing breakfast.  The group was welcomed by Joe Artega, Director, Product Management and Stephanie Nilen, Site Leader & Director Operations Asheville.   

We would like to thank the Thermo staff (see below list) for all their time and hard work in making this one of the most memorable facility tours to date. 

We would also like to give a special thank you to Wende Kimble for organizing and coordinating all aspects of the Tuesday tour.  Thank you Wende! 


Stephanie Nilsen, Site Leader & Director Operations Asheville

Joe Arteaga, Director, Product Management

John Hawkins, Manager, Customer Service

Tammy Woodring, Customer Service Supervisor

Karen Wisniewski, Director, Commercial Management


Plant Tour Guides

Jeff Robinson, Value Stream Manager

Jeremy Putnam, EHS Manager

Keith Burton, Global Supply Quality Mgr.

Keith Jacobs, Manager, Materials

Stephanie Nilen, Site Leader & Director Operations Asheville

Glenn Schmidt, Project Team Leader

Damian Hickey, Director, Finance


Plant Tour Subject Matter Experts

Mike Little, Supervisor, Value Stream

AJ Haney, Cell Lead

Terry Rice, Assembler

Ben Mudry, Manufacturing Engineer

Tom Brewster, Lead Process Engineer

Sue Reeves-Landy, Manufacturing Manager

James Larkin, Technology Center Supervisor


Meeting Logistics:

Wende Kimble, Executive Assistant