Join as an Distributor

Why Would An Independent Distributor Join ILDA As A Member?

  • To join with professional peers in an exchange of information and ideas, and to learn more about the latest operating methods and technologies at the ILDA Annual Meeting.
  • To be part of a growing network of similar, but generally noncompeting, companies in the same business.
  • To exchange winning ideas on a variety of management issues such as inventory control, cataloging, freight, insurance, and electronic order entry.
  • To have cost-effective access to a number of laboratory equipment manufacturers

Distributor Membership Guidelines

  • Sell to research, industrial life sciences, education and government laboratories.
  • Principal business is stocking and/or resale of products and/or services  by other companies.
  • Annual revenue not less than 500,000 US Dollars.
  • In business for two or more years.