ACP Chemicals, Inc.
4601 Boulevard Des Grandes Prairies
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H1R 1A5

(514) 327-0323
(514) 327-8474 (fax)

Founded in 1986, ACP Chemicals is a one-stop shop for all of your chemical needs. ACP provides unparalleled customer service and flexibility. We are large enough to offer the same high quality products and competitive prices as the multinationals, yet small enough to provide our customers with a full range of customized services and personal attention that larger companies simply cannot offer.

Through its vast selection of ACP brand reagents and a variety of specialty distribution lines, ACP has positioned itself to be able to respond to the needs of all end-users in any sector of activity. ACP services large, small and medium-sized businesses in both the public and private sectors.

ACP offers a comprehensive selection of products in all grades (from Technical Grade to high purity Distilled in Glass grades) within the following categories: solvents, acids, organic salts, inorganic salts, metals, pure elements, indicators, indicator solutions, buffer solutions, volumetric solutions, % W/V solutions, AA Standards, ICP Standards, products for the clinical markets (stains and fixatives for tissue processing, alcohols, solvents, Formalin, SAF, EPT Medium, Saline), prepared media. The customers ACP services operate within the following sectors of activity: Educational, Government, Hospital/Clinical, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Environmental, R&D, Pilot Plant, Kilo Lab.

In addition, ACP offers a variety of special services and products including: 1) Private Labeling (for large and small volumes) 2) Custom Packaging (for any format from 1ml to bulk) 3) Custom Manufacturing 4) Stable Isotopes (CIL Brand) 4) J.T.Baker brand reagents 5) New Era brand NMR tubes and accessories.

Through its bundle of goods and services that includes the ACP brand, specialty distribution lines and special services such as Private Labeling and Custom Manufacturing for large and small volumes, ACP enjoys a truly UNIQUE position among Manufacturers as a ONE-STOP SHOP for all products in all size formats, capable of servicing both end-users and Distributors alike. For more information on ACP Chemicals, please visit their web site at