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LevGo specializes in unique laboratory consumables. Our first product was our smartSpatula® Disposable Laboratory Spatula. Up until the introduction of the smartSpatula there really was no low cost alternative to standard stainless steel spatulas. Now you will find smartSpatulas in labs throughout the world. We are proud to announce that in April of 2014 the USPTO issued our patent on the smartSpatulas.

Our new products follow the example set by the smartSpatula: simple, inexpensive and useful lab consumables. We have two goals for our new products: where possible we will make them Eco-Friendly and, where possible we will source our new products in the USA.

Our new smartBoats™ offer an Eco-Friendly alternative to both weighing paper and plastic weighing boats and our smartSlicer™ offers a safe alternative to metal razor blades and microscope slides used to cut DNA and Protein Gels.

Please visit our website: www.levgo.com to see comprehensive information on our products.

We welcome new distributors and support all of our distributors with free samples with customized labels.

Contact Margret Leventhal at maggie@levgo.com for a new distributor package.