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La Mar Ka carries the following lines:

B&J (Honeywell)
Riedel de Haen (Hydranal Titrants)
Mallickrodt-Baker (Tyco)
Hamilton (Syringes)
La-Mar-Ka Standard Solutions
La-Mar-Ka Brand ACS/HPLC Solvents
Microflex Gloves
Aluminum Weighing Dishes
Bioharzard Containers
Norton Tubing


Corning has a proud history of enriching people’s lives through research and technological innovation. For over 150 years, our scientists have developed life-changing innovations, including the glass for Edison’s light bulb, ultra-thin glass for Liquid Crystal Displays, ceramic substrates for diesel and automotive emissions control, and the first commercially viable, low-loss fiber for use in telecommunications. With our comprehensive line of plastic and glassware, including Corning® and Costar® cell culture, assay, liquid handling and PYREX® glassware products, we continue to be an industry leader.

Corning strives for the highest standards in product design and our products are manufactured under strict process controls guaranteeing consistent product performance. Corning Life Sciences plastics and glass manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2000 registered. ISO registration is recognized worldwide as a standard of excellence for quality systems. All Corning products are also supported by our dedicated sales, marketing and customer service team, who with the help of our select distribution partners, strive to provide the ultimate service to our customers.

It is Corning Life Sciences’ pleasure to announce our newest authorized full-line distribution partner, La-Mar-Ka, Inc.

Please contact La-Mar-Ka for the full line of Corning®, Costar® and PYREX® products including:

Corning® Cell Culture & Bioprocess
HYPERFlask®, Low Profile Flask, CellSTACK®, CellBIND®, Ultra Low Attachment, Transwell®, RoboFlask TM Dishes, Flasks, Spinner Flasks, Plates, Cryogenic & Compound Storage, Roller Bottles

General Laboratory Products
Serological Pipets, CentriStar TM Centrifuge Tubes, Filtration, Reservoirs, Storage Bottles

HTS & Assay Products
96, 384 & 1536 Well Microplates, HTS Transwell®, CellBIND®, ULA, Non-Binding Surface TM, Echo TM, Low Volume, Half-Area

PYREX® Glassware & Equipment
Beakers, Media Bottles, Erlenmeyer Flasks, PYREX VISTA TM, Volumetric, Disposable Glass, Hot Plates & Stirrers, Pipettors


For years, researchers have relied on the consistent quality that comes from the Sigma-Aldrich family of products. From solvents and ACS chemicals to Molecular Biology, and Material Science the research community has found our products and services save time, reduce total costs and enhance workflow. We applied the same high standards to our partners and are pleased to announce that La-Mar-Ka, Inc. is now an authorized Sigma-Aldrich partner in your area. We have maintained our strong relationships with researchers by establishing high standards for ourselves and then working to exceed them. Our products are delivered only after they have passed our exacting manufacturing protocols, stringent packaging requirements and rigorous final analyses to maintain quality across all our offerings. Our technical service team is consistently recognized for their expertise and helpfulness. These are the qualities that have helped us retain strong customer relationships over the years, and they will continue. You can contact La-Mar-Ka for the full line of research products including:

  • ACS
  • HPLC
  • Spectrophotometric and Technical grade solvents
  • Organics ACS and Technical grade organic and inorganic salts
  • Biochemicals
  • ACS and Technical grade acids and bases
  • Supelco chromatography products
  • HYDRANAL ® Reagents and Water Standards
  • Laboratory Supplies and Equipment
  • Analytical Standards Glassware

La-Mar-Ka will provide the same superior delivery and service you have come to expect from Sigma-Aldrich. La-Mar-Ka will help you maintain inventory. We are confident that you will agree that La-Mar-Ka will help you enhance your daily workflow.

For pricing and availability, please call: La-Mar-Ka, Inc. (800) 826-5959 (225) 272-8125 or fax (225) 272-7150 For application information call: Sigma-Aldrich Technical Service (800) 231-8327 or (800) 325-5832 HYDRANAL ® Technical Center (800) HYDRANAL or (800) 493-7262 We appreciate your continued trust in the quality services from Sigma-Aldrich.